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Tibetan Local Customs

As we all know, different peoples have different local customs and habits. There is no exception for Tibetans. They have created various forms of entertainment to amuse themselves, like horse racing, archery, singing and dancing, etc. However, there are some traditional recreations still unknown to outsiders. Please see more below.

Tibetan Local Customs

Tibetan customs and traditions are inextricably interwoven with Tibetan Buddhism and unique Tibetan topography. While travelling in Tibet, you'll find out that Tibet customs are also greatly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. A good case in point is Weisang, a Tibet local custom that is observed on occasions like weddings and funerals by burning pine branches, cypresses and other herbal leaves around temples and monasteries to pray for peace, good harvest and prosperity.

Mani stones in different sizes and colors with Buddhist themes on are common to see on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Local people circle around Mani stones in a clockwise direction to show their sincerity to the Buddha and hope their wishes will come true one day. It’s been told that where there are Tibetans, there are prayer flags. And its history can be traced back to the Bon tradition.

As you tour Tibet, a vivid picture of Tibetan customs and local life unfold before your eyes. When visiting Tibetans’ family, you will how important the wooden bowls, Tsampa, yak butter tea, gutu and sweet tea are in Tibetans’ daily life and how great Himalayas, sacred Namtso lake and alpine pasture play a part in shaping distinct nomadic customs.

Drigung Cham Dance Festival Dramatic Cham dance in Tibet

From the biggest celebration, Tibetan New Year (or Losar) festival to numerous religious and secular festivals like Shoton Featival, Saga Saga Dawa Festival, Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival, Yushu Horse Racing Festival, you name it, they will definitely deepen your understanding of Tibetan culture and history and refresh your impression of real Tibet.

Let's learn more about diverse Tibetan customs, etiquettes and sports, funerals and relevant taboos, and be a Tibetan cultural expert before heading towards Tibet. 

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