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Tibet Nepal Tour enables you to see the both sides of Himalayas. The tour from Lhasa to Nepal offers the most awesome views in these two areas. In this Tibet Nepal tour, you will travel from the barren Tibetan Plateau to the lush, semitropical scenery of Nepal, the scent of yak butter giving way to curry and incense as you descend into the subcontinent. You can deeply feel the difference beween Tibet and Nepal in dryness and wetness, Buddhism and Hinduism, highness and lowness and heart-beating and breath-taking. Many visitors has lost their hearts to the splendour of the Himalayas and to the friendly Tibetan and Nepalese people. Whether camping on the the starkTibetan plateau, passing through lush jungles or hillside terraces or exploring the ancient temple city of Kathmandu - the tour to cross Himalayas overland from Tibet to Nebal can be anything but normal.

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Keen to engage in a particular activity such as highland trekking, cycling or family tour, photography journey, etc.? We also offer the thrilling thematic tours in Tibet and Nepal for you. Of these diverse travel themes and activities, you got to find the right one for yourself.

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