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Wolong Panda Reserve

Wolong National Nature Reserve or Wolong Panda Center is considered to be the real hometown of wild pandas. It is a newly built panda center that focuses on panda wilderness training programs.

Wolong Panda Reserve Facts

Wolong Panda Reserve

Name: Wolong Panda Reserve(卧龙熊猫保护区)

Wolong Giant Panda Reserve (Shenshuping Panda Base), the largest breeding center for giant pandas worldwide, is open for the feeding, breeding, reproduction, wildness trainings and scientific studies of giant pandas. Panda lovers can visit pandas, be panda volunteers, contact pandas, and enjoy outdoor trekking activity, etc.

Type: World Heritage Site, Nature Reserve, Wildlife & Animals

Best Time: April to November

Recommended Visiting Time: about 1-2 days

Open Hours: 08:00~18:00

Admission Fee: 98 RMB / Person

Altitude: about 1700 meters

Address: Gengda Township, Wolong Nature Reserve, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan, China

Overview of Sichuan Wolong Panda Reserve

Wolong Giant Panda Base

Wolong National Nature Reserve or Wolong Panda Center is considered to be the real hometown of wild pandas. It is a newly built panda center that focuses on panda wilderness training programs.

If you want to see pandas enjoying their original habitat and experience a variety of panda volunteer programs, Wolong National Nature Reserve is the perfect choice for you.

Besides, the more natural surrounding and harmonious environment for giant pandas enable Wolong Panda Base the top place for panda lovers to visit giant pandas, get more fun with the chubby animals and learn more about the national treasure in China.

Why Visit Wolong Panda Reserve

Wolong Giant Panda Reserve, belonging to the Wolong National Nature Reserve that is reputed as the “Panda Kingdom” and “Gene Pool of Precious Flora and Fauna”, is home to about 60 percent of the world’s total panda population. Standing about 1700 meters above the sea, Wolong Giant Panda Reserve is the world’s largest breeding center for the giant pandas with more than 30 captive pandas.

Giant Pandas in Shenshuping Base

Wolong Giant Panda Base

At present, there are over 30 captive pandas in Shenshuping Panda Base and travelers can admire them in different enclosures, see them playing, eating bamboos and climbing trees, understand the living habits of giant pandas in the superb natural environment, join as panda volunteers to get close to their daily life.

Adult Giant Pandas
Most of the giant pandas of over 5 years old in Wolong Panda Reserve stay individually in the large panda enclosures. Each of the enclosure consists of an in-door room and an out-door courtyard. Travelers can see pandas eating leisurely in the out-door courtyard, lying on the ground and looking up at the blue sky…Since they have pudgy bodies, the adult pandas may seldom exercise and spend much time sleeping and having nice dreams. Enclosures are a lot that you will be busy taking photos and making videos. Watch your steps!

Sub-adult Giant Pandas
Sub-adult giant pandas are usually between 2 to 5 years old. They are relatively smaller but more active than the adult pandas. It is very interesting that knowing how to eat bamboo stands for the individual living ability of a little giant panda to grow up to an adult one, so many sub-adult giant pandas are trying to learn about how to eat bamboo during this special period. Prepare your camera for these hot stars!

Baby Pandas
Baby giant pandas are from 1 to 2 years old. Since May 11, 2016, there are seven baby pandas which were born in 2015 living in panda nursery garden. And you can see some of the little giant babies there at the Panda Kindergarten at Shenshuping Panda Base. Baby pandas are extremely lovely and attractive. They like crawling and rolling, learning to climb trees, playing with each other, being curious about the environment, wanting to explore the world. Spend some time pleasing eyes with the lovely creatures.

Giant Panda Volunteer Program

Wolong Giant Panda Base

In Wolong Panda Center, you can have a great opportunity to get close to the lovely giant pandas through the panda volunteer program.
During the program, the activities you can do include cleaning a panda enclosure, weighing and cleaning bamboo, making panda cakes, and feeding the pandas. You will also have time to tour around the panda center and watch a panda movie.
Every day, a limited number of visitors are allowed to take care of the pandas. Contact us to check the availability and see what you will experience in our private panda tour.
Age limit: 10 to 70 years old. Your guide can help take care of your child if he/she is unable to join in with the program.

Red Panda Volunteer Program

Different from the other panda bases, Wolong National Nature Reserve offers a red panda keeper program.
According to many reviews, the program is more interesting than the giant panda program because the red pandas are more active and you enjoy barrier-free contact with them.
In the program, you can feed a group of red pandas without a fence in between you and you can also touch and photograph them.
Join our red panda volunteer program and have a zero-distance encounter with the cute animals.
Age limit: 8 to 70 years old

Baby Panda Volunteer Program

Wolong Giant Panda Base

If you want to hold a panda, your dream will come true in the baby panda keeper program at Wolong Panda Center.
It is an exclusive experience that is only offered by us.
You will become a nanny as you take care of the baby pandas, with activities that include feeding them with milk and bamboo shoots and observing the pandas' acts from the staff-only control room.
Age limit: 10 to 70 years old

Evening Date with Pandas

Wolong Giant Panda Base

Looking for ways to beat the crowds when looking at pandas? There is no better way than to have a private date with them.
You can enjoy the opportunity to go around Wolong Panda Center in the evening and be the pandas' private guests you see what their nightlife entails without other tourists and noise.
You can also go behind the scenes to see some pandas through monitors and hear interesting stories about them that are told by professional panda keepers, such as why mother pandas only raise one baby even if they have given birth to two cubs.

Wild Pandas' Habitat Exploration

Wolong, known as "the homeland of pandas" in China, is part of the original habitat of wild pandas.
To enrich your experience, you can consider taking a 2-hour hike in Dengsheng Gorge, which is an authentic natural habitat for wild giant pandas as well as other wild and rare animals.
Even though there is a slim chance of seeing pandas or even their footprints, you will be impressed by the beautiful scenery, fresh air, rare plants, and tranquility far away from the city's hustle and bustle.

How to Get to Wolong Panda Center from Chengdu

Wolong Panda Center is 120 kilometers outside of Chengdu by road. It takes about 3 hours to get there by public bus. Buses operate from Chadianzi Bus Station in Chengdu's Jinniu District to Wolong Town.

It is more convenient to get there by private car, which is included in our private Wolong tours. This ensures you save time on transportation and enjoy spending more time with pandas.

Useful Wolong Panda Center Travel Tips

1. Free Entry for Hong Kong Citizens
Wolong Giant Panda Reserve and Dujiangyan Panda Base are sponsored by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong citizens will enjoy free entry for visiting Shenshuping Base and Dujiangyan Base of the China Conservation & Research Center for the Giant Panda.
2. Advance Reservation & Temporary Cancellation
It is recommended to make a reservation of the panda volunteer, trekking research programs in advance, and even 1 to 2 months earlier for volunteers and trekkersduring peak seasons (mainly May to October). If any temporary cancellation, reduction and increase of participants happen, the Wolong Panda Base requires us to apply it in advance for at least 10 days before the very program date. So if panda volunteers and outdoor trekkers at Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base would cancel your program(s), increase or reduce your number of group temporarily for some reasons, it is required to tell our travel consultant as early as possible (better 10 days in advance excluding the national holidays and weekends) before your very program date.
3. Safety distance
Although giant pandas are very adorable, they are still wild animals. So please keep a safety distance while watching them.
4. Keep quiet
Giant pandas like quiet. Please avoid making loud noise or speak too loud so not to make them frightened.
5. No private feeding
Giant pandas have their own suitable diet and staff in Wolong Panda Base does well in the feeding job to ensure them grow healthy. Please do not throw any food into the panda’s enclosure, or the pandas may get ill if they eat something not suitable for their body.
6. Panda souvenirs
Wolong Panda Base has prepared some good souvenirs for visitors. If you like, you can buy them to keep the unforgettable visit of giant panda, like eye-patches, earphones, dolls, etc.
7. Can a Panda Swim
Pandas can swim and even climb trees. Giant pandas are good swimmers and excellent tree climbers.
8. Do pandas climb trees?
Giant pandas are good swimmers and excellent tree climbers. At 5 months old, giant panda cubs learn how to climb - sometimes practising by climbing on their mum.
Mother pandas keep contact with their cub nearly 100% of the time during their first month - with the cub resting on her front and remaining covered by her paw, arm or head.

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