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Best Times to Visit Sichuan

The weather in Sichuan varies greatly from west to east. It is a big province — about the size of Spain or California, but the province is divided into three major geographical regions.

There is a region of high mountains in the south, a high plateau in the west, and a lowland region in the eastern part of the province. The whole province is impacted by the Southeast Pacific Ocean Monsoon and the Southwest Indian Ocean Monsoon. Here is a description of the weather in the three regions.

Weather in Chengdu

The best time to visit Chengdu is during spring or autumn. Due to its subtropical monsoon climate the city experiences hot humid summers and cold dry winters. Rain season usually occurs between July and August, the optimum months to visit are March-June and September-November.

Aba Prefecture

Due to the complex landform of the Aba Prefecture the weather varies greatly due to altitude. In the Southeast regions weather is warmer in contrast to the northwest. In the northwestern regions there is no distinctive four seasons with the average temperature between 0.8°C - 4.3°C. Southeast average temperature is warmer at 1°C - 5°C.

Garze Prefecture

The climate of Garze Prefecture is affected by the high altitude. The prefecture is known for having low temperatures, long winters, low precipitation and ample sunshine. The average annual temperature is 5.6 °C with the highest temperature reaching 31.7 °C and lowest temperature at -28.9°C。

Jiuzhai Valley

It is said that there is no best time to visit Jiuzhai Valley as through the different seasons you can see a different side of the nature reserve. However, the peak season of Jiuzhai Valley is usually between July till October. The average temperature in spring is between 9°C - 18°C. In the summer temperatures are still pleasant at 19°C - 22°C.

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