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How to Plan a Trip from Chengdu to Leshan

Leshan is a good destination for a Chengdu extension tour. The most famous attraction is the Leshan Giant Buddha, which is the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world. Read on to find out how to plan a trip from Chengdu to Leshan.

Why Visit Leshan:

Leshan Giant Buddha - As the world largest cliff rock carved Maitreya Buddha statue in the world, and a notable UNESCO Natural & Cultural Heritage, the 71-m-tall Leshan Giant Buddha is boasting for its magnificent carving skill and stunning natural scenery around it.

Mount Emei - The mountain is best known as the ashram of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva, one of the Top Four Great Buddhist Mountains in China and a UNESCO World Natural & Cultural Heritage, a vital Buddhist center in Sichuan. Tranquil nature, wild monkeys and strong atmosphere of Buddhism makes Mount Emei worth a hiking. Sunrise, Cloud Sea, Broken Spectre and Holy Light are the four wonders with good luck to see.

Various Delicious Local Food - People always says “eating in Sichuan, tasting in Leshan”. Leshan has numerous featured foods, like Bobo Chicken, Jellied Bean Curd, Qiaojiao Beef, Malatang, Xiba Tofu, Leshan Barbecue, etc. It’s a great destination for foodies.

1. Things to Do in Leshan

Leshan Giant Buddha

Visiting the Leshan Giant Buddha must rank top of your itinerary. A huge Buddha statue sits carved out of the the cliff face, staring ahead with a smile.

There are two ways to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha: on foot and by boat. If you want to get a close-up view of the Buddha, you can choose the walking route.

You will walk along the plank pathways to enjoy the changing view from various angles of the giant Buddha statue, from its head to its feet.

Sightseeing Boat

Alternatively, you can choose to visit the attraction on a sightseeing boat. This will let you view the Buddha from a distance and get a panoramic view of the statue.

There are many other attractions close to the Leshan Giant Buddha. Oriental Buddha Park (Dongfang Fodu Gongyuan) holds more than 3,000 Buddhist statues, including a 170-meter-long reclining Buddha, which is the largest in the world.

The Mahaoya Tomb Mausoleum (Mahaoyamu Museum) is a Han Dynasty building containing tombs and other burial artifacts from that period.

Leshan Food

Leshan snacks are also a must, such as beef soup pot, ye’er ba (a sticky rice dumpling filled with a sweet stuffing), Leshan sweet skin duck, and boboji (skewers of meat and vegetables cooked and served in a spicy soup).

Leshan Food

Zhanggong Bridge food street (张公桥美食街) is one of the most popular night markets where most types of Leshan’s famous snacks can be found.

2. Consider the Length of Travel

A Chengdu–Leshan tour requires 2 to 4 days. Spending one day in Leshan is enough to see its highlights while Chengdu needs 2 to 3 days to explore it. Read our suggested itinerary for reference:

Day 1: Chengdu city highlights tour, including Jinsha Site Museum, Wenshu Monastery, Jinli Ancient Street

Day 2: one-day Panda Keeper Program

Day 3: the Leshan Giant Buddha
Alternatively, you can include one more day to explore Mount Emei, which is a 15-minute journey away by bullet train.
If you have limited time, you can refer to our 3-Day Chengdu and Leshan Tour, offering an efficient way to let you explore the highlights of Chengdu and Leshan.

3. The Best Times for Visiting

Leshan is close to Chengdu and they have the same climate. Both Chengdu and Leshan are suitable for traveling around throughout the year.

However, the best periods to visit Chengdu are from March to June and from September to November. Spring and autumn are good times to see pandas and to visit the Leshan Giant Buddha. Check our article about Chengdu Weather.

Accommodation Choice

In Chengdu, we recommend hotels near Chunxi Road and Tianfu Square because of the central location, convenient transportation, and better hotel facilities and services.

Chengdu Chunxi Road

You can get more accommodation information when you read Where to Stay in Chengdu.

There is no need to spend a night in Leshan because almost all tourists who travel there just visit the Leshan Giant Buddha. After your visit, you can take a train to return to Chengdu or head to your next destination.

If you want us to help you book your hotel(s), feel free to tell us your requirements.

Create a Chengdu–Leshan Tour with Us

Chengdu Food

Here is our most recommended tour:

2-Day Giant Panda and Giant Buddha Tour: Visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and the Leshan Giant Buddha.

All of our tours can be customized. You can use our Create My Trip service to design a tour according to your interests and needs.

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