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Featured Activities in Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou Tours Map

Jiuzhaigou, known as "the Land of Fairy Tale", is the most popular travel destination in Sichuan. It was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992, attracting millions of travelers to visit every year. There are 3 valleys, about 108 lakes, 3 waterfall groups, a number of endangered plant and animal species in Jiuzhaigou.

A complete Jiuzhaigou tour includes not only sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou valley, but also visiting Huanglong National Park which was also listed as World Heritage Site in 1992. Huanglong is known for its colorful pools formed by calcite deposits, diverse forest ecosystems, snow-capped peaks, etc.

No.1 Jiuzhaigou Valley Walking

Jiuzhaigou Valley Walking

Type: Outdoor Activities

Walking in Jiuzhaigou is relaxing and enjoyable. You will have two days to explore the best highlights by hiking. Footpath are built near to attractions in three valleys and connect all attractions together. You don't have to hike all the roads and valleys. Here we recommend you spend two days walking in Jiuzhaigou. First day, you can take sightseeing bus to the top of Zechawa Valley, walk and visit the Long Lake area then take bus back to Nuorilang Waterfall. In the afternoon, walk from Nuorilang to the gate. On route, many attractions await your visiting. In the following day, you hike the most beautiful valley in Jiuzhaigou - Rize Valley. By this walking tour, you can get a better experience of sightseeing.

No.2: Cultural Dancing Singing Show

Cultural Dancing Singing Show

Type: Show/Theatre

Cultural Dancing Singing Shows are the most popular night activities in seversal theatres and hotels outside the valley. They are mainly themed about culture and history of the two habitant ethnic groups - Tibetan and Qiang. The most famous shows are: Gaoyuanhong(高原红), Zangmi(藏迷), Tibetan King Dinner Show, etc. Tourists like to enjoy the show performed in the Jiuzhaigou Sheraton Hotel which has a professional performance group, top-class stage and delicious food and drink. Another popular theatre is the Jiuzhaigou National Arts Center which is featured in multiple choices of shows and a larger room for audiences. At the show, you will be served by local food, such as roasted mutton, qingke liquor, buttered tea, and milk tea. The show costs 150~300 RMB.

No.3: Authentic Tibetan Food

Authentic Tibetan Food

Type: Food/Dining

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Jiuzhaigou Tibetan food culture has a long history. The typical dishes in Tibetan food are beef, roast sheep, tsamba, yak buttered tea and highland barley wine. The taste of Tibetan food is very strong. The traditional reception banquet consists of six kinds of food: milk tea, bracken rice, steamed stuffed bun with soup, mutton slices tore by hand, stewed vegetables and yoghurt. If you visit Jiuzhaigou, here are some recommended Tibetan Dishes: Tibetan Hot Pot, Sausage, Walnut Flower Salad, Jiuzhai Mushroom Pot, Gastrodia Pigeon Soup, Potato with Ciba, Roast Whole sheep, Jiuzhai Persimmon Cake, Pickled noodles, etc.

No.4: Tibetan Costume Trying On

Tibetan Costume Trying On

Type: Cultural Experience

Jiuzhaigou people pay great attention to headdress, chest ornament, hand ornament, waist wearings and shoes. Jiuzhaigou Tibetan men wear pants and women wear skirts. They all wear Tibetan robes, leather boots and belts. Jiuzhaigou Tibetan costumes are characterized by its large size, bright colors and long sleeves. Tibetan women in Jiuzhaigou like to wear gold, silver, pearl and jade ornaments, which is the unique Tibetan clothing style of women in Jiuzhaigou. If you come to Jiuzhaigou, you can rent a Tibetan costume from the shop in the scenic area and try on and take photos for your memorable trip.

Top Featured Activities in Jiuzhaigou

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