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China Dali City, the Bai Autonomous Prefecture, located in the central west of Yunnan Province, with 2090 meters above sea level. Having a long history dating back to 4th century, Dali is one of the oldest cultural birthplaces of Yunnan. You can find Dali Old Town surrounded by Cangshan Mountain, Erhai Lake and more natural sceneries. The Three Pagodas as the landmark of Dali is also included in our Dali Tours. Stepping into the Kingdom of Bai people, you can experience the interesting folk culture by tasting Three-Course Tea ceremony of Bai in Xizhou Ancient Town, as well as get close contact with locals to learn how to make tie-dye works with elegant designed in Zhoucheng. If you like, transfer to Shaxi Ancient Town - an old trading town with a history over 2400 years along the Ancient Tea Horse Road to feel its authentic flavor and attend its time-honored market.

Plan a Dali tour as well as other cities in Yunnan

Dali, situated between Kunming and Lijiang, is well linked by flight, train or bus with Kunming and Lijiang. You can either do Dali Lijiang tour, Kunming Dali tour, or even cover all the iconic cities Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangri-La into one trip. All tours are private & flexible and can be customized for you and your family. Visit Colorful Yunnan with us now!


Best Dali Tour Packages

We offer you a well-designed classic Dali tour package, Taste Dali cuisine, experience the local culture of Dali, and visit places of interest. eager to give you an unforgettable Dali tour.

Top China Tours with Dali

Usually, the Dali tour only takes 2-3 days, You can choose other cities in China together with Dali, such as Sichuan, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guilin, Tibet, etc. Tell us your plan and let us arrange everything for you!

Dali Tours Planning & Useful Articles

How to Plan a Dali Tours? Planning a Dali Tours can be overwhelming, but with some research and preparation, you can make the most of your time in this time-honored city. To make things easier, we offer a wealth of Dali travel information to help you plan your Dali day tour. Check out our latest and useful articles on topics such as "How to plan Dali Tours", "Dali Top Attractions", "Things to do in Dali ", "Best time to visit Dali ", and "Dali travel FAQs". Contact us to start planning your Dali Tours today and discover the culture and history of China's city. View All Dali Travel Guide >>

FAQs about Dali tour

1. When is the best time to travel Dali?
Spring (Feb to May) is regarded as the best time to travel around Dali with the mild weather and flesh greenness scenery. The Dali annual average temperature is mild between 12.2°C-18.9°C. Rainy season falls in May to October.
2. How can I get to Dali?
By Plane
Dali airport has fights connecting with Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Guangzhou. You can take the Bus No. 7 to the airport from Xiaguan, or take a taxi at around RMB 80.
By Train
Several trains run daily between Kunming and Dali with a transfer time of 7-8 hrs and at a cost of RMB 70-100.
There are trains running between Dali and Lijiang (afternoon train from Dali and morning train from Lijiang). The transfer takes about 1.5hrs and RMB 30-50.
The bus No. 7, 8, 10 and 11 can get from Dali city to the railway station. Among them, bus No. 8 has stop at the Dali Old Town.
By Bus
Many buses run from Kunming bus stations to Dali city and it is around RMB 100 for this 3-4 hour transfer.
Lijiang to Dali buses also frequently depart on daily basis at around RMB 40-80.
Out of the Dali bus station at Xiaguan, you can directly take a taxi (RMB 40) or the bus No. 4 or 8 (around RMB 2) to go to Dali Old Town.
3. How to explore Dai Old Town
Walking is a nice way to explore the stoned streets of the old town.
Bicycle is a great choice to get around (RMB 15-35 per day). The bikes are easily rented at the Boai Lu (like Red Camellia Hotel, Lee's Guest House, etc).
There are over tens of bus routes connecting Dali places. Special buses transfer between the old town and Xiaguan as early as 6:30 am. The bus No.8 runs between Dali ancient town and the bus station.

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