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How To Plan A Chengdu Tour

Chengdu enjoys the reputation of “land of abundance” from ancient times. As a historical and cultural city in China, Chengdu attracts numerous of tourists in China and also around the world to visit. Here you can relax yourself since Chengdu is also known as the city of leisure, meanwhile, you can enjoy the splendid landscape as there are so many places worth visiting. How to plan a trip to Chengdu? Read on to get some inspirations for your upcoming trip.

How to Plan Your 3-Day Family Tour in Chengdu

You will always take more things into account when traveling with your kids. Where are the kid-friendly restaurants and hotels? How can you design an interesting and easygoing tour route? Are there any night shows to arouse children’s interests? What do you need to know before visiting a history attraction? Let’s see what we can help you with.

Day 1: Downtown Culture Tour

Route: Du Fu Thatched Cottage – Wuhou Temple – Jinli Ancient Street – Shu Feng Ya Yun

Du Fu Thatched Cottage: Great Achievements with a Sad Story

Some people argue that Du Fu, a great realist poet who lived during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), was a “Chinese Shakespeare”. During the war in 759, Du Fu moved with his family from Gansu Province to Chengdu, where he built the historic cottage. There, he wrote 240 poems until moving out 4 years later.

Suffering repeated setbacks and being displaced in his life, this brilliant poet eventually died on a small boat on his way home. The cottage became his memorial museum.

Wuhou Temple: Memories of the Three Kingdoms

After having lunch at Qin Shan Zhai Health Estates Restaurant (钦善斋), walk northward for 2 minutes to reach Wuhou Temple.

Founded in 223, Wuhou Temple, which is also known as Wuhou Memorial Temple or the Temple of Marquis Wu, is China’s most influential museum of prestigious heroes, including Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei who lived during the Three Kingdoms period (220–280).

Whether you are a lover of China’s Three Kingdoms’ history or your kids are fans of the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Wuhou Memorial Temple in Chengdu is a must-see attraction.

Jinli Ancient Street: Snacks and Fun i

Jinli is part of the area that comprises Wuhou Temple in Chengdu. Legend has it that it is one of the oldest commercial streets in West Shu’s history and has been famous since the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). Now it serves as a business district displaying buildings of Ming and Qing styles as well as Chengdu folk customs. It’s an ideal place for kids to experience folk arts, such as paper cutting and shadow puppetry, and taste local snacks.

Shu Feng Ya Yun: Cheers You up at Night

Fire Spitting Show

Shu Feng Ya Yun is a famous opera house in Chengdu offering an evening performance from 8pm to 9:30pm. This show is not just a Sichuan opera but also includes eye-catching folk gigs, such as acrobats, face changing, fire breathing, and puppet play, which will fascinate your kids.

Optional idea: Sugar painting is a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to create flat snacks, which is a popular activity among children. The shapes created while sugar painting include dragons, tigers, fish, and other types of animals. Contact us if you want to add this activity into your travel schedule.

Day 2: Get Close to Giant Pandas

Route: Chengdu Panda Base – Kuanzhai Alley

Chengdu Panda Base

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, which is about 40 minutes’ drive away from downtown Chengdu, has successfully imitated the natural habitat of pandas, giving them the best possible home for rearing and breeding.

Covering 247 acres, there are rich facilities in the base for visitors to learn about pandas, such as Giant Panda Museum, the panda houses, and a panda movie theater. The baby pandas you’ll see there are even cuter than the adult pandas, and it’s rare to see them in other places.

Kuanzhai Alley

Kuanzhai Alley was originally built in 1718 and renovated in 2003 as a historical block on the foundation of the site. Witnessing the changes of Chengdu over centuries, it is the epitome of Chengdu and a landmark of the city.

After lunch and touring the alley, we will invite a professional artist to teach you how to draw a vivid panda on a T-shirt in a backyard located in Kuanzhai Alley. This takes about 2½ hours and we will prepare all the tools you need and a T-shirt in your size. After the course, you can keep the unique panda T-shirt and wear it at home.

Day 3: Say Hello to the Giant Buddha

Route: the Leshan Giant Buddha — time to say goodbye

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha, constructed in 713 and finished in 803, is the biggest carving made in a cliff in China. The Buddha, which faces a river, is 71 meters high. When visitors look at the Buddha from the river, it seems like he is sitting against the mountain and his feet are stepping on the river. His head is 14.7 meters high and 10 meters wide. The area of one foot is big enough for hundreds of people to sit on it.

144-Hour Visa-Free Transit in Chengdu

Since January 1, 2019, Chengdu has been one of the cities in China that offers 144-hour visa-free transit service, which means you can stay in Chengdu for up to 144 hours (6 days) without applying for a Chinese travel visa to experience local culture and life.

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