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Chengdu Cooking Class - Learn How to Cook Sichuan Food in Chengdu

Sichuan Cuisine Museum

Have you ever heard about “Playing with Sichuan Cuisine”? You may wonder Sichuan Cuisine is one of the most famous kinds of Chinese food to eat, how can we play with it?

In Chengdu, the City of Gastronomy, there is a special place to experience comprehensive Sichuan cuisine culture from the origin to modernity, as well as do the cooking class. This unique place is called Sichuan Cuisine Museum, the only EATABLE museum which travelers need not only to watch with their eyes, but also to listen with their ears, smell with their noses, taste with their mouths, and of course, cook with their hands. Prefer to sample popular Chengdu street food like noodles, dumplings? Follow our travel expert Riley who has a very long life experience in Chengdu to find best local snacks & places to eat!

By cooking your favorite Sichuan dishes on your own, you’ll have in-depth understanding about slicing technique, fire control, the procedure of accomplishing the dish and of course, get some ideas about the essences of Sichuan cuisine. Start your exploration from Sichuan Cuisine Museum, enjoy different aspects of Sichuan cuisine, satisfy your curiosity and taste buds and experience all fun for “Playing with Chuancais”. Why not partaking the special cooking class with China Discovery now?

Sichuan Cuisine Museum Cooking Class

Partake in Cooking Class

Usually, there are two kinds of time arrangements to explore Sichuan Cuisine Museum, one is in the morning from 09:50 to 13:40 or after, and the other is in the afternoon from 13:50 to 17:40 or after. You can choose your favorite one to well suit for your time. Activities are well designed to experience all the essence of Sichuan cuisine culture. The highlighted part should be the Cooking Class to make your favorite Sichuan dishes on your own. Check the below schedules with detailed activities to inspire yourselves now!

Activity One (09:50 / 13:50): Begin your gourmet journey

Begin your gourmet journey to taste different kind of Sichuan snacks including Sichuan style stuffed pancake, northern Sichuan style jelly, Tofu pudding, Zhong dumplings, Sichuan pickles, golden thread like noodles, etc. All are the old Chengdu flavor.

Activity Two (10:00 / 14:00): Visit Sichuan style garden

Visit this Sichuan Style Garden by viewing Han-dynasty brick made by 2000 years ago, the most expensive Sichuan style rosewood folding screen, a beautiful Shu embroidery piece from Qing Dynasty, and the hand-carved wooden door from 600 years ago. Enjoy some peaceful moment in the beautiful classical Sichuan style garden of 27000 square meters.

Activity Three (10:10 / 14:10): Appreciate Sichuan cuisine cultural relics

Learn about the development of Sichuan cuisine history and traditional culture and appreciate more than 6000 pieces of cultural relics and view the treasure of museum – the most expensive pickle jar which worth 4 million RMB.

Activity Four (10:40 / 14:40): Know the raw ingredients for Sichuan cuisine

Get to Know the raw ingredients for Sichuan cuisine by having a look at the organic vegetable garden and the roaming poultry. Experience the brewing process of making Pixian chili bean paste in the traditional techniques – flipping, sun-burning and dewing. Taste Xuanzi pea jelly and experience the delicacy of the chilly bean paste.

Activity Five (10:55 / 14:55): Worship Kitchen God

The Kitchen God, respected as the master of all Chinese chef, is one of the most important parts of Sichuan traditional folk culture. Sichuan Cuisine Museum has the biggest Kitchen God Ancestral Hall in the world. Worship in the Kitchen God Ancestral Hall, learn about the culture of sacrifice in ancient Sichuan, try your luck to win a precious secret recipe and watch a local drama performance – Nuo Drama.

Activity Six (11:10 / 15:10): Wander through Street of Old Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants

Walk through the Street of Old Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants which have a panoramic representation of Sichuan cuisines. You can find famous Chuancai restaurants, like ChangShengYuan, ZuiXiaYuan, ZhenJiangLou, ZuiTaoCun and so on.

Activity Seven (11:15 / 15:15): Know Traditional Tools

Get to know all kinds of Sichuan food processing tools and experience how the bean curd pudding made with the grinding machine and taste delicious spicy or sweet bean curd pudding.

Activity Eight (11:30 / 15:30): Attend Cooking Class

Enjoy happy meals with friends

In the VIP cooking class, put on special chef uniform and cook three typical Sichuan cuisine under the guidance of Chuancai specialist and experience the excitement of cooking with the firsthand experience from cutting skills, controlling of heat, cooking process and finally accomplish your dish. The nationally-renowned top chef will try and make a comment on your cooking and after which you will be awarded with official certificate of “Master of Chuancais”.

There are two kinds of menus you can choose from Menu A and Menu B.
Menu A includes Panda steamed dumpling, Kung Pao chicken, Mapo Tofu
Menu B includes Pumpkin steamed dumplings, Daqian dry-braised fish, boiled beef in chili sauce.

(Please Note: If you go with kids, please tell us beforehand and we will arrange special dish for him/her to cook; and if you want to order your favorite dish which are not on the above list, please tell us your list in advance of 15 days and we will tell the staff at Sichuan Cuisine Museum to make some preparation.)

Activity Nine (12:40 / 16:40): Share and enjoy dishes

Share and enjoy the delicious dishes cooked by yourselves with your friends on the thousand-year-old Brazilian rosewood table. To enrich your meal, you will also be served with free fruits, red wine, alcohol with special pharmacological function brewed with traditional Chinese herbs, beverage, fruit and vegetable juice and covered tea, just to name a few.

Activity Ten (13:40 / 17:40): Enjoy leisure time as “Chengduer”

Finish your lunch/dinner and sip tea to experience the leisure as “Chengduer”. If you like, try to play cards or mahjong.

Please Note: the above arrangements may be adjusted according to the seasons, weather, etc. You can book it all the year round.

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