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Shibaozhai Pagoda – Bright Pearl on Yangtze River

Shibaozhai Pagoda – Bright Pearl on Yangtze River
Shibaozhai is a tower nearly 56 metres in height leaning against the Yuyin Hill and is now encircled by a moat after the Three Gorges Dam project in 2003. Legend has it that the mountain was a stone left by Nuwa, a goddess who created humans and mended the wall of heaven with five colored stones. During the Ming Dynasty, it gained notoriety as a stronghold taken by a gang of farmers, earning it the name Shibaozhai (zhai meaning fortress).

Sitting in the north side of Yangtze River, Shibaozhai Pagoda is considered as one of the most exceptional examples in the world. This vermilion 12 storey pagoda was built into the side of a cliff face, rising almost 100 feet high. Climb on the top and there is a great view of the town and river for you.

Type: Ancient Ruins, Religious Sites, Sights & Landmarks

Best Time: March ~ May, September ~ November

Recommended Visiting Hours: 1 ~ 2 hours

Open Hours: 8:00 ~ 17:30

Tickets: ¥50/person

Address: No.17 Yinshan Street, Baoshi Town, Zhong County 404332, Chongqing, China

Protection of Shibaozhai Pagoda

After the establishment of Three Gorges Dam, the water level of the upstream of Yangtze River had been risen a lot, and the water reached to the front door of Shibaozhai Pagoda, forming a lake of about 20 acres around Shibaozhai. To protect the Shibaozhai Pagoda from the water, from 2005, the government started the protection project, which built an 800m long and 50m high dyke around the pagoda, with 30m under the ground and 20m above the ground. On the top of the dyke is a footpath. Shibaozhai was opened to public again in 2009 after the finish of its protection project. Surrounded by a circle of giant dyke, the newly Shibaozhai is just like a giant bonsai in Yangtze River.


Shibaozhai Pagoda is one of the shore excursions of Yangtze River cruise ships, so tourists who take the cruise ship will visit it during the cruise. This is the best way to visit it, because you don't need to waste time on the road.

For other tourists, Shibaozhai is located in Zhong County, and tourists can reach it by bus or boat. Normally, most tourists will start from Chongqing, at this case, tourists can take a bus from Chongqing Chaotianmen Bus Station to Zhong County first (about 2.5 hours), then transfer to Shibaozhai from Zhong County by bus (about 1.5 hours). A better way is taking a private car from Chongqing, and this will take less time of about 3.5 hours and you can also appreciate the beautiful scenery along the road. From Chongqing Chaotianmen pier, tourists can also take a speed boat to Shibaozhai, and this will take about 3 hours.

Walking Tips

To reach this pagoda, tourists will have to walk over a strung bridge, which is very rickety and bounces a lot, so make sure to take your time and be careful.

To climb on the 12-storey pagoda, tourists will walk up for quite a few steps to the top of the pagoda. The wooden steps are a little bit steep, so be careful in the climbing. The climb is not easy, but it's well worth it, because the view from the top is amazing. However, for tourists with weak legs, it's not recommended to climb on the top, just walking around the pagoda to appreciate it is also great.



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