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Train Restaurant

A kitchen is located next to the first class soft-berth sleeper on each Tibet train, offering passengers 3 meals a day. A comfortable dining room attached to the kitchen provides tables and seats for those who would like to appreciate the spectacular scenery outside the train window while enjoying their food. Outside of the normal meal service times, you will need to at least buy a drink in order to sit in the dining car or you will be asked to return to your cabin. The food on the train will cost about two times as much in a normal city restaurant and the quality will not be as good.

For breakfast, passengers will be served with pickles, eggs, bread and milk, costing just 10 CNY per serving and these meals contain balanced nutrients. People who prefer noodles can choose from snow vegetable noodles, beef noodles, steak noodles, etc.

Tibetan style dishes are the most popular with passengers. Among all 45 dishes, there are 5 cold dishes, 8 Tibetan dishes, 32 ordinary dishes and 8 soup dishes. Examples include stewed yak with crassulaceae for 25 CNY, turnip, carrots and yak for 28 CNY and a ginseng salad for 18 CNY.

In addition to the dining car, a food car will also pass through each train carriage for the convenience of passengers. Because the dining car is crowded during normal meal times, the train attendants will bring the food carts through the train carriages at those times, offering lunch or dinner packages including three Chinese style dishes (rice, fried vegetables and pork, for example) at a cost of around 20 CNY per packaged meal.

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