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Best Time to Visit Kunming

Kunming Stone Forest

Kunming is located in the low-latitude monsoon climate zone, with warm and comfortable weather throughout the year. It is never too cold in winter nor too hot in summer, and flowers bloom all year round, thus Kunming is given the nickname "Spring City".

The average yearly temperature is about 15 °C (59 °F). January is the coldest month with average temperature at 8 °C (about 46 °F), while July is the hottest month with average temperature at 18 °C (65 °F). Kunming has abundant rainfall, with annual precipitation at 1101 mm (43 inches). The rainy season lasts from May to October.

The pleasant weather of Kunming makes it suitable for traveling all year round, though tourists prefer the liveliest period from March to October, when there are many festivals and events. Have a look at our Kunming tours and choose your time of travel.

Kunming Seasons to Go

Spring Kunming

Spring in Kunming

Spring is cool and dry with monthly average temperature of 20 ℃ or less. You can appreciate all things here: fresh air, sunny weather, bloom flowers and large temperature difference between day and night, so prepare light sweater and coat. The sunscreen is also needed to keep away from sun's radiation.

Seasonal Activities

Enjoy the picturesque scenery with flowers blooming all around city and indulge in kind of fragrance; On March 3, visit Western Hills to join in local custom, including singing folk songs, playing dragon lion dance, etc.

Summer Kunming

Summer in Kunming

Summer is a peak season with concentrated rainfall and adequate water, accounting for over 60% annual, that’s why you rarely experience the summer heat in Kunming. In midsummer time, although monthly temperature is about 22℃, the ultraviolet index is high, so make sure the sunscreen is always with you. Wearing t-shirt, skirt or short and prepare a light coat in case the weather changes. Bring umbrella or raincoat if you want to walk out at night.

Seasonal Activities

In late July, go sightseeing the grand "Torch Festival" in Stone Forest hold by Yi, Bai, Mongolian and other ethnic groups; hang out with your friends and experience the nightlife, to reveal a different side of Kunming.

Autumn Kunming

Autumn in Kunming

Another hot season to traveling Kunming, Autumn makes you feel a little bit cold in the morning and night, and treat you warm sunshine during daytime. The temperature is about 2℃ lower than Spring. Taking sunscreen and prepare thick sweater and overcoat for the sudden dropdown weather will make you fully enjoy the leisure time.

Seasonal Activities

Visit Dongchuan Red Land in northeast of Kunming to witness the amazing natural landscape; Or just do nothing, only sitting in chair with a cup of coffee to fully absorb the afternoon sunshine.

Winter Kunming

Winter in Kunming

Winter in Kunming lasts over 2 months, with average temperature is less than 10 ℃. And there are about 230 hours of sunshine and with less rain. So even in Winter the sunny day is quite frequent to see. Please prepare thick sweater and overcoat or jacket to find the different beauty of Kunming.

Seasonal Activities

Tour around Green Lake (Cui Hu) or go to Dian Lake (Dian Chi) to see thousands of seagulls inhabit here for hibernation; have a trip to Jiaozi Snow Mountain and enjoy the shapes of astonishing mountain waterfalls.

Average Temperature by Month

Average Temperature by Month

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If you are planning a Kunming tour, please feel free to contact us for more information including the weather in Kunming. Our professional travel advisor will give you recommendations and suggestions about Kunming tours.

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