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Chongqing Culinary Specialty

Chongqing, a beautiful city, not only has a lot of beautiful scenery but also a lot of food. As a city of food, Chongqing is a paradise for foodies, and when you travel to Chongqing, your mouth will definitely not suffer. Among the many cuisines in Chongqing, the following 10 are not to be missed. Let's take a look at it with the small group.

1. Chongqing spicy hot pot.

Chongqing spicy hot pot

This hot pot has a rich texture, and the method of blanching the noodles quickly not only makes the meat and vegetables look their best but also allows the spicy taste to be fully imprinted on the tongue. As one of the birthplaces of hot pot in China, Chongqing is a leader.

2.Chongqing small noodles

Chongqing small noodles

Chongqing small noodles are traditional noodles in Chongqing and one of the most famous noodles in China. It is famous for its thin, firm noodles and delicious soup. Chongqing small noodles are made from high-gluten flour, which is kneaded and pulled many times to make fine and chewy noodles. With unique red oil soup, chopped green onion, peppercorn oil, bean sprouts, and other ingredients, the taste is spicy and fragrant. Chongqing noodles have a variety of flavors, such as spicy noodles, sour and spicy noodles, etc., each with its own unique flavor. With its unique taste and rich taste, Chongqing noodles have become a representative cuisine of Chongqing.

3. Chongqing hot and sour powder

Chongqing hot and sour powder

Chongqing hot and sour powder, a traditional snack in Chongqing, is also one of the favorite snacks of Chongqing people, strong, fragrant, appetizing, fragrant, spicy, and sour and spicy, as soon as you smell that taste, saliva can't help it, eat a bite is even more incredible, this sour, enough taste. I haven't eaten Chongqing's hot and sour powder, but I really came to Chongqing for nothing.

4. Yamashiro small rice balls

Yamashiro small rice balls

Shancheng small tangyuan is a characteristic traditional snack in Chongqing, which is ground into rice milk, dried and kneaded, stuffed and cooked. White as jade beads, thin and transparent skin, vaguely you can also see the filling, small and delicate, sweet and smooth, making people unbearable to stutter and irresistible deliciousness.

5. Chongqing Mao Xuewang

Chongqing Mao Xuewang

Chongqing Mao Xuewang, Sichuan, and Chongqing classic delicious, spicy, and fragrant, can be called a must, Mao Xuewang has many varieties of dishes, the taste is numb and spicy, the price is cheap, and the spicier the more delicious, the spicier the rice. Xiaotuantuan sincerely suggests that when you come to Chongqing, you can taste it a few times.

6. Chongqing chicken miscellaneous

Chongqing chicken miscellaneous

Chicken miscellaneous is a special snack in Chongqing, eating a little similar to hot pot, there are three spicy options, slightly spicy, medium spicy, and extra spicy; There are also 3 types of pots, small pot, medium pot, and large pot. It tastes delicious, not very greasy, spicy, and fragrant, and has an endless aftertaste. If the little cutie can't eat spicy, you can order a slightly spicy one.

7. Chongqing grilled fish

Chongqing grilled fish

Chongqing grilled fish can be said to be a special dish of Chongqing, many people who have eaten it say that it is delicious, it is a special cuisine, integrating the three cooking techniques of pickling, grilling, and stewing, delicious and unique. If you come to Chongqing, Xiaotuan Tuan suggests that you try grilled fish.

8. Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken

Spicy chicken is a specialty dish in Chongqing. Spicy chicken is mainly spicy, the materials are particularly exquisite, and the spicy chicken is fragrant, spicy, and fragrant, and absolutely delicious to no friends. The chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and also has the fragrance of sesame seeds, and the spicy with a little crispy hemp, which is a very worthwhile dish.

9. Chongqing Wonton

Chongqing Wonton

Chongqing shou is a kind of blunt wonton, Chongqing Chao Shou skin is thinner but there is a lot of meat, the shape is pleasant, like gold ingots, and the taste is delicious and not greasy, often with red oil stock, add some green vegetables, is one of the favorite foods of Chongqing friends.

10. Bean Blossom

Bean Blossom

Douhua is a very common snack in Chongqing, and small shops selling Douhua can be found everywhere on the streets. Chongqing's bean blossoms are unique, beautiful in color, and have a variety of ingredients, which are fresh and slightly spicy, smooth and delicious, and are also very popular with locals in Chongqing.

In short, Chongqing people are enthusiastic, and Chongqing food is spicy enough, and hemp enough, Chongqing is a city full of enthusiasm, you who love food should not miss it.

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