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Woka Hot Spring

About Woka Hot Spring

Woka is a agriculture and animal husbandry area in Sangri Country of Shannan Prefecture. There are 2 rivers and 7 hot springs. They have been divided into white water, black water, hot water, warm water and cold water according to the water temperature and colors by local Tibetans. The white water comes from the Snow-capped mountains. Its melted snow looks like milk in summer. The black water is from the white golden valley, called "the Three God River" by local Tibetans together with White water and Dragon river. The three water represents the Guanyin Bodhisattva, the King Guardian Deity and the Wenshu Bodhisattva.

The warm water has an average temperature in seasons that becomes a perfect place for washing clothes and vegetables for local Tibetans.

The Woka Hot Springs is represented by 4 hot springs. The first one is Zhuo Rom Hatem Hot Spring. It is well known for the private hot spring for Panchen Lama. It is said that each time when Panchen Lama pass here to worship in holy lake Lhamo La-tso, he will do clearance here. It's also the hottest hot springs in Woka and well known for its cure for disease. In the north of this hot spring, there is a hot spring can treat gastropathy. North to the Woka Zong Ruins there is a hot spring near a bridge. It's the best-like one for local Tibetans. Each start of summer Tibetans will help their their animals to have bath here getting a way from the residual illness and dust in those cold days. Except that people also come here taking bath after the whole day's farm working. Talking and laughing can be seen anywhere. The 4th hot spring is for youth people especially for the lovers. When the sky turns dark, the young couples talk about love in hot spring which is so romantic.

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