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Palkhor Monastery

The Palkhor Monastery was originally built in 1418. It is famous for collecting the essences of Skyha, Gedang and Gulug (Yellow Hat) Sects in Buddhism. Therefore, the design and layout of Palhor Monastery is a combine of the three sects including in their religious statues and architectural styles, which had influenced to one another with their best parts. The Bodhi Pagoda, also known as the "Ten-thousand Buddha Images Pagoda", is the symbol of the Palkhor Monastery. The resounding Ten-Thousand Buddha Tower (Palkhor Tower) is the most important building in this monastery. There are altogether 10,000 figures of Buddha in the Buddhist shrine for worshipping, so hence the name Ten-Thousand Buddha. The Buddha Tower is over 30 meters and has 9 tiers with 108 gates and 77 chapels, shrines and chortens on it. It is true that this tower adds an extraordinary charm to Palkhor Monastery.

Ten-Thousand Buddha Tower consists of nearly one hundred family halls for worshipping Buddha, one overlapping another. People call it 'towers within towers', which makes for a very vivid feature in this spectacular building. The main statue in Palkhor Monastery is that of Sakyamuni with a height of about eight meters (about 26 feet). According to historical records, 14,000 kilograms of copper were needed to build it. On both sides of the main statue, hundreds of arhat statues stand shoulder to shoulder. They are extremely vivid artworks with kind, mighty or enraged facial expression. Whenever it is that you come to visit Palkhor Monastery, it won't disappoint you. Here are some guide information for your tour to the Palkhor Monastery. Address: Located at south of Lhasa and east of Shigatse Admission Fee: CNY 40.Open time: 09:30-17:30 Contact Number: 86-10-85968802

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