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Gyangtse County

Gyantse County means "winning a battle at the summit and the heavenly king resides here" in Tibetan,with a history of 1400 years when the father of Songtsen Gampo, who was the first emperor of the Tubo Empire, had made Supi surrendered and the place became a land of the noble family in old Tibet. The modern county-town was established about 600 years ago, slightly earlier than the beginning of the Shigatse's town. Gyantse County's area has a relatively good climate with fertile soil, therefore, since old times, it has been an excellent business city of southern Tibet also a transportation hub to Bhutan and Sikkim. Gyantse County is known throughout Tibet and the world for making the best Tibetan wool carpets. The carpets made in this city have over 600 years of history and they are as good as those made in Iran and Turkey.

The Gyangtse Carpet Factory was built in 1973 and has produced more than 100 different kinds of rugs used for different purposes. These carpets are thick and strong, heat-preserving and waterproof, yet they are also very soft. Many of the carpets use traditional Tibetan designs in the weaving and are very unique to the region. The Gyangtse Carpet Factory that has been appointed the key national enterprise for carpet exports. Gyangtse County is also known as the British colony in Tibet. Also, today we can see the Gyantse Zongshan Heroes Memorial Stele that stands in the square in front of the Zongshan Mountain. Here are some guide information for your tour to Gyangrse County. Address: located in the Nyang-chu Valley in Shigatse of Tibet. Admission Fee: Free Contact Number: 86- 10-85968802

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