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Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

The Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon, also called "the last pure land of the world," is the biggest canyon in the world. It has its unique landforms, rich biological resources, beautiful landscapes and colorful cultures. The mysterious primitive religion and culture of the Lhopas and Monpas have covered this area with a mysterious veil. Through its lively text and beautiful pictures, this book attempts to present to readers the mysterious Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon. Over the past few years, all those with an interest in the natural world have turned their attention or their feet in that direction. This book, with more than 50,000 words of text and 100-odd illustrations, tries to present to its readers a complete picture of the mysterious Yarlung Tsangpo Great Canyon.

The team found a group of waterfalls in a place called Tsangpo Badong. Blocked by a huge rock in the middle of the water, the first waterfall falls into two streams, giving off smokes 100 meters high up in the sky. Flowing 100 meters from the second waterfall, the Great Canyon forms a group of four cascades, with a fall of about 5 meters each. According to experts, these cascades were formed during mud-rock flows or landslides when rocks piled up along the river. From the first waterfall to the last cascade, the Yalung Tsangpo River drops down for over 100 meters, which means that the total fall of waterfall groups is no less than 100 meters. Address: the lower reaches of the Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet. Contact number: 0086-10-85968802 Admission Fee:Free Opening Hours: 24 Hours

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