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Korjak Monastery

About Korjak Monastery

Korjak Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in Korjak Town, Burang County, Ali (or Ngari) Prefecture in western Tibet. It is located not very far to the southeast of Burang and just northeast of the Indian border.    

Korjak Monastery is an important monastery of the Sakya order. The blood-red compound, which dates back to 996 was destroyed once, but the damage has been repaired with financial assistance from German and Italian sponsors.    

It was previously one of the most important Kagyu monasteries in Western Tibet. It has inner and outer gates and a large courtyard. The atmospheric main hall is entered via an ancient wooden door with particularly fine carvings. The hall itself is presided over by a figure of Jampa. To the far left is a small chamber with paintings from the earliest days of the monastery. Hanging from the ceiling to the right of the entrance are the stuffed carcasses of a yak, Indian tiger, snow leopard, bear, wolverine and a wolf. The inner kora gives access to a hidden protector chapel. When you finish inside, do a final kora around the compound to see the unusual om mani padme hum mantra painted on the back wall.    

On special days in Sept. or early Oct., monks come in from the areas around and perform day-long dances using masks. Betrothed maidens come out wearing their family’s jewellery and fine outfits.

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