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Featured Activities in Sichuan

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Sichuan is one of the most popular and largest tourist destinations in China. It is an abundant land full of places with impressive culture and magical nature. Here you can visit the "international honeys" - Giant Pandas, discover thousands years old civilizations, find some interesting local custom hidden in the modern bustling streets, make expeditions to some of the most challenging snow mountains, trek those mysterious and beautiful wild valleys, savor at delicious local Sichuan snacks and get here, and you see and experience more out of your expectation.

Top Featured Activities in Sichuan

  • Sichuan Opera

    Chinese opera, an art form that dates back as far as the Three Kingdoms period (200 AD), is a diverse style of music. As an entertainment, you could see any of the five forms and get a vastly different experience. Each employs specific makeup or masking, lyric style and acting methods. Of the five, Sichuan opera is the youngest, starting around 1700. Despite being the most recently developed, Sichuan opera is complex in form a...

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